Proposal Doctor

The book proposal is, in many ways, the most difficult writing you’ll do as a part of the publishing process. There’s no sure-fire template to use. Although every book proposal has elements in common, yours needs to represent your project and its unique contribution to scholarship. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer acquisitions editors have the time to devote to mentoring authors at the book proposal stage, but that’s where I can help.

A proposal that makes a strong case for your book and its contribution is essential in a shrinking books market. During my time in acquisitions I read some proposals that worked and many more that were not effective. I learned that no two book proposals are alike nor should they be. Form doesn’t matter so much as efficacy.

To start with, I will evaluate how you present your manuscript and offer you feedback about how you frame your project and structure your proposal. I’ll advise you on how your potential acquisitions editor will receive your proposal, and on the materials you are using as your writing sample.  I offer detailed feedback that often includes phone consultations. I will also happily advise you about presses that may be a good fit for your project.

Contact me for a special rate for this service.